Retargeting Services

Retargeting Services

Websites are great right?  But you know what would be even greater?

If you had a way to keep your business in front of people after they left your website.

You see, unfortunately many potential customers will come to your website, be impressed, but leave and never come back.  

They’ll forget, they’ll move on.

Well that’s where we come in.  Through a special technology called retargeting, we are able to get your advertising message in front of people who have recently visited your website.  Can you imagine how powerful that would be for your business?

A recent study showed that visitors who are shown retargeting ads, are 43 percent more likely to convert into a possible customer.  Is that incredible or what?

We would love to see this advanced and powerful technology going to work for you, to get you more customers and more sales.

A recent study showed that visitors who are shown retargeting ads are 43% more likely to convert into a possible customer
Retargeting only shows your advertisements to people that already expressed an interest in your business
Results in practically no wasteful advertising


Vinod from 'Edigital Futures' was highly competent. He was quick and efficient in introducing some marketing strategies that have helped me penetrate the online market

Jackson Hogan


Edigital Futures demystified the online world and has helped establish my small business brand by making a website, Facebook business page and videos to promote my business on Google and YouTube.

Amin Sedghi


Edigital Futures has designed my driving school website -
And added video which is very effective.
Thanks, highly recommended

Vinod Chand


The gentleman I dealt with was very professional and resourceful. Helped me all the way with all my requests no matter how difficult I may have been. Will definitely use and recommend to others. Thank you

Ryan Hawkesford